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Interested in joining Pacific Tails e-ARC kingdom? You've come to the right realm!

Pacific Tails Information

Genre: New adult urban fantasy

Sub genre: Mystery, adventure, romance

Tropes: Dual PoV, Found Family, Friends to Lovers, Mythology & Lore, Epic Quest, Whodunit, Chosen/Fated One

Content Warnings: There is some low-level spice, well, by my standards, nothing explicit, but this is not a fade to black. Think teetering on the edge between PG-13 and R. Some fancy words: Murder, assault, harsh language, depression, PTSD, bullying, sexual situations, very light LGBTQA+ representation, demons and possession, and reincarnation.

Release Date: October 23, 2023


e-Arc Reader Expectations

An unsolved murder of a mermaid queen.

A shattered stone pendant cursed and lost.

A kingdom’s existence in peril.

All of it, dependent on a college student and gifted swimmer, Zoe Vaughn, who thinks her life is falling apart. 

Jealous teammates have accused Zoe of using performance enhancing drugs, sinking her dreams of competing in the Olympics. Now, as their relentless bullying continues, she’s ready to uproot her life in California and move across the country.


But hours before Zoe’s flight, something happens that changes those plans forever. Sparks literally fly between her and Baxter, her mythology professor, who confronts Zoe with the truth that her incredible talent beneath the water has a supernatural explanation.


Baxter declares that Zoe is the living reincarnation of Melantha - Mermaid Queen of the Pacific Ocean - who was betrayed and murdered nearly a century earlier. He also claims to be Melantha’s guardian - an immortal tasked with reuniting five sacred stones that can restore Zoe as the rightful queen before her kingdom is lost forever. 


But the time to do that is running out, as there are sinister forces who'll stop at nothing to prevent the Mermaid Queen's return. With her life on the line, Zoe must work with Baxter to find all five stones scattered between land and sea and fulfill her destiny - or condemn her mermaid kin to enslavement for all eternity.


(The boring, but important, terms and conditions)


*As an e-arc reader I am agreeing to volunteer my time to read and review the e-Arc before October 23, 2023. 


*I am asked to post an honest review/rating at Amazon + 1 other major platform, but a review is not required.

(If you have time to post on other sites, I would appreciate it, and so would algorithms.) 


*e-Arc will be delivered via BookFunnel with pre-made graphics (if you so chose to use them, sharing that you are reading Pacific Tails.) 


*Not share the ebook to piracy sites or anyone else, or claim as your own, as that would be unethical. 


*Applying does not guarantee you will receive an e-ARC


*Becoming an e-ARC reader for another book is not guaranteed. 


*Submitting the form is agreeing for me to email you with promotional and newsletters (once a month, maximum, and you may unsubscribe at any time)


*If I am chosen, and decide to op-out of the e-ARC team, I know it's ok and I will communicate in a timely manner. 


*An email asking for a link to your reviews and permission to use snippets for marketing material. (Optional)  


*If your review is negative, please do not tag me on social media, but please still post it, as retail sites are expected to see a variation of reviews and ratings ( but please do so a week after the release date)


*If selected, another, more detailed email will be sent to me asking for my confirmation to be on the team. I will respond in a timely manner.

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