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The stones & riddles

Clock is science. Mermaids are not myth.

Shatter a friend’s treasure.

Healing, sensing, seeing you’ll be with

Riddle 1 is located on the stone Baxter has worn for one hundred years. 

Line 1: Visit Dr. Clock at Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Line 2: Shatter the nautilus, a gift from Melantha that Dr. Clock treasured.

Line 3: Healing magic (blue), sensing magic (yellow), and ability to control light (white).

Each riddle follows a syllable pattern. (9, 6, 9)


9 & 6 are numbers that can be inverted.

6 is often considered an unfortunate number, with 9 seen that way too because of its ability to be inverted into 6.  Meaning both numbers can represent good and the bad. 

In this world, the caster of a magic has positive or negative intention behind the words. Because 9 is represented more in the riddles, they are meant to be positive, which, in this case, they are to help restore the mermaid queen to power. 

Each riddle is broken down into 3 parts.

Line 1: Where the next stone is located (or with) 

Line 2: How to get the stone from said location

Line 3: The magic Zoe will get once it's pieced back with the other stones.

Upon a rock, the bronze mermaid rests.

Love comforts the saddened,

Vanish or stifle unwanted pests.

Riddle 2 was found on the stone located in the Nautilus from Dr. Clock.

Line 1: Go to The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen.

Line 2: Give the sad mermaid her statue of her love in order to comfort her (she gifts Zoe the stone in return)

Line 3: Enforcement (green), invisibility magic (gold).

Awaits Santarosae’s Winfield Scott.

Flotsam, Jetsam reveal.

Master of surroundings with a thought.

Love and greed curse a dead man walking.

Betrayal frees your woes,

Mind, body, time will be unblocking.

Riddle 3 is on the stone found with The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. 

Line 1: Go to the wreckage of Winfield Scott near the Channel Islands, California.

Line 2: Flotsam, Jetsum aren't just the name of the evil Eels in Disney's The Little Mermaid, they mean floating debris not deliberately thrown in the water (like a shipwreck) and debris deliberately thrown in the water (from a ships crew), respectively. Search through debris to reveal the stone's location (in this case all the trinkets in Aislinn's chamber). 

Line 3: Ability to control nature (brown) and moving objects with out physical touch (orange). 

Riddle 4  is on the stone found inside Melantha's locket that Aislinn had stolen from her dead body.

Line 1: Sterling is the dead man walking, cursed because of his love and greed.

Line 2: Sterling needs to betray Aislinn to free himself from her spell, allowing him to give Zoe the stone.

Line 3: Mind magic (pink), Ability to cause physical pain and conjure fire (red), Ability to control time (black).

Untitled design.png


Like riddles, spells follow the 9, 6, 9 syllable format for the lines. 

Melantha's spell to release her magic.

Gods, hear the calls to release my ties.

Walking on land, I’m keen.

With this last request, I will advise.

A new king to replace your old queen.

This realm will thrive and rise.

With the leadership of--

Magic stone: break into five and hide. 

One-hundred-year season. 

A reincarnation to arrive.


My loyal guardian a beacon. 

Restore my realm and thrive,

To end those who commit such treason

Melantha's spell to release her magic. 

Two realms now one for treasures and fun

Binding and obeying

King Cavan's spell to bind Zoe to him, but he never finished it... 

Zoe's spell to keep Baxter safe by breaking her stone and giving him some of her magical protection. 

Guardian’s magic, life evermore

Reignite and protect

‘Tis love and friendship will scribe this lore

Completed Stone Pendant.png

Completed stone pendant. 
Resembles a hibiscus flower. 

Artwork by Michelle Sauer. Water color, acrylic, ink. 

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