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Pacific Tails Interactive

Welcome! Thank you for supporting Pacific Tails. I truly appreciate you! 


If you're here, you are like me, and fell in with a novel and aren't quite ready to leave yet and want to fully immerse yourself in the world. I hope this helps you itch that scratch. If you have created your own fan art, contact me–I'd love to see it and share it! 


If you were curious about the QR code, and have not read the book yet, proceed with caution because there are SPOILERS. 


Otherwise, click on the following links to explore the world of Pacific Tails. 

Happy adventures! 

San Francisco, California.png
San Francisco, California.png


book map 1.png

Pacific Tails Map

Hand-drawn by Michelle Sauer. Traditional: Pencil, Ink, and Color Pencils. Canva for thick/thin border lines. Procreate for corner pieces.

Located at the front of the book.

This is the map Baxter has of the realms, which he received from someone who has an unhealthy obsession with mermaids.
Fun Facts:
     *White Shark Cafe, an area between Baja and Hawaii swarming with Great Whites.
    *Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, has a tradition of VooDoo, however, the doll represented here is NOT relevant to the religion. Remember: this map was drawn by a character's point of view of the magical world from the past. 
     *The trident marks the most powerful realm. In this case, Melantha's, soon to be Zoe's. 
     *There are creatures and beasts beneath the water that could become problems in the next book.

Pacific Tails Map_edited.jpg

Atlantic-Tails Map

Hand-drawn by Michelle Sauer, same as Pacific Map. Located at the back of the book. 

Zoe and Baxter briefly glance at this side of the map, but it just might play a larger role for the next book! 

book map 1-2.png
Atlantic Tails Map_edited.jpg
Fun Facts:
     *The trident marks the spot of the most powerful realm. In this case, King Cavan's. 
     *The mermaid cartouche is in front of a moon, whereas the Pacific's in front of a sun. The Yin and Yang of the two seas.
     *The most recent, and last, item the character who created these maps added, was the Titanic
     *Djinn are found in Arabic and Muslim mythology. 
     *The Inkanyamba is found near a waterfall in south Africa and has the body of a snake and head of 
     *Dang those pesky pirates in the Caribbean. 

Pacific Tails.png
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