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A dark romance retelling of Peter Pan, but with the perspective of the villain. Written by Emily McIntire. This is the first in her twisted or 'fractured' fairy tale retellings.

4 stars. Spice level 4.

This has been a popular book found on booktok, but I found it at the store without even knowing much about it. I liked the cover design and the blurb, so I bought it. I enjoy retellings, but this was my first dark romance one, so I was eager to start reading it.

This is a dual POV with Wendy and Hook. It was interesting to see how the author shifted some aspects of the story, such as Wendy and Jon were the only siblings, and Michaels is their last name. Peter is Wendy's dad and Hook is much younger, and truly dangerous.

I feel like the book started out a little slow, which accounts for my 4 star rating. However, I got very into it, staying up very late to devour it. There is a nice little twist, an obvious one, if you were paying attention, but I liked it all the same!

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