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Rainbow Colored Bookshelves

Updated: May 6, 2023

A debated topic in the booktok/instagram and design world.

As an art teacher, I love seeing books arranged by color. There is something very pleasing about this. As a designer, I can understand why this is a popular option when selecting accessories for the home and having a beautiful space. It's coherent. It's accentuates color.

But as an avid reader and book collector, the arrangement is maddening. Like walking through a bookstore, books should be arranged by genre, by author, and by series. I have a massive collection of books written by Victoria Laurie. She has written at least three different series and each one needs to be grouped together, making it easier and more accessible to find the novels.

So what do you think? By color, or by genre/artist/series?

Bookshelf Arrangment

  • By Color

  • By Genre, Author, Series

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