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Spicy Romance Trilogy

Booktok calls it the Dreamland Billionaires Series:

I call it Spicy Level 4/5! Whoa!

The trilogy of interconnected books were written by Lauren Asher. I picked them up because, being an artist and designer, I adored the covers. I had no idea they were apart of Booktok until recently.

The basic story across all three books is that three brothers have to fulfill a wish in their grandfather's will in order to get their inheritance from him. Basically, the grandfather plays match-maker from beyond.

The first book, The Fine Print, follows Rowan and Zahra. Rowan works at the theme park, Dreamland, which is a carbon copy of Disneyland and has to turn the park around and make it better. Zahra is a chipper designer for the park who gets underneath Rowan's skin, in more ways than one.

The second book, Terms and Conditions, follows Declan and Iris. Declan is the eldest brother and has the most stern and grumpy attitude and must marry and have an heir in order to get his money. He has no interest in that. But Iris, his assistant of three years, is the only one who can break through his walls and even volunteers to marry him as a solution. All looks perfect, on paper, until their hearts open to one another.

The last book, Final Offer, follows Callahan and Lana. The trust fund, washed-up athlete and his childhood love. He must spend the summer at the family's lake house and then sell it. Unfortunately, Lana also owns the lake house and they must work together to beat his addiction, adjust to a new life with his only love and her adoptive daughter.

I highly enjoyed all three books. I think T&C has the most spice, FO has the most heart and banter, and TFP, has the most slow burn tension. I loved the overlapping of the characters from book to book. Callahan's banter with his brothers is fun, the diverse women the men fall in love with are exceptional.

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